We are committed to providing our followers’ music that matters – music with real stories, substance, and lasting power that makes you want to come back for more.

• Valuing our artists as people, treating them fairly, and committing to a win-win for all
• Running the company as a business investment with heart
• Using a conscious approach to growing our family of artists by considering character, brand, and talent
• Giving priority to safety, professionalism, and fun for fans and our Solo Group family




Tony “Solo” Hearst is a resilient, loyal, and visionary business leader. Known by his lifelong nickname Solo to honor his character as a thinker, listener, and respected man who stands strong.

“Even though you are born into a lifestyle you can change the path you are on”.

He survived a kidnapping, shooting, and prison time to change his life purposely and achieve serial entrepreneurial successes. All this earned him the necessary experience to recognize, nurture and promote emerging musical talent. He founded Solo Group Entertainment as a different approach to entertainment that is more than music and beyond a successful business.

“I felt like it was time to set an example and do something for myself and for my children”

Tony is from Buffalo, NY and started his life in the streets. At just 13 years old he was locked up in a detention center. In and out of prison over the next years he was caught up in a federal case in 2004. This is the year he decided to change his life.

“I took my talent with business and started working for myself – I learned how to hustle legally”



Our Approach

Tony is a driven serial entrepreneur:

• Restaurant owner
• Real estate investor
• Sports agency
• Recording Studio
• Collection agency
• Lingerie store
• Trucking business

He is known for his wide variety of management and investment skills earned from working in different businesses. As a leader, he takes his ability to recognize talent in the people he works with and builds a team. He started a record label in 2001 that was closed in 2008. In 2021, you can be sure he will leverage lessons learned and his many industry connections to make Solo Group Entertainment something new and better.

Tony cares about the artists and their long term success in business and life.

Tony coaches and nurtures emerging talent. His life experiences, knowledge, and ability to thrive make him relatable at all levels, from the hood to the executive board room. He easily connects with artists, followers and industry insiders.

Tony has extensive experience in providing:

• Artist and Label Services
• Artist management, representation, and development
• Concerts, promotional tours, and campaigns
• Marketing, Public Relations, and Publicity
• Merchandising



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