On his creative style
“Everything I do, I create. I have found my own sound and purpose. My followers love my energy, flow, and beat selection – What I am saying and how it makes them feel. Most people can relate.”

On his music
“Everyone that buys my music gets it, when I put it in a song, people listen, I can go the microphone about anything. I feel free.”

On his approach to recording
“When I am recording, I go to another place. I turn off the radio and TV, lock myself in. When I am in a recording session, it is therapeutic, and I go deeper. I can say all I want, tell my story without being interrupted, and people can feel it. I have to establish who I am.”

On his background
“From North Carolina, “down south style,” I have always been into music – started out, wanting to be on TV. I want to share my success as there is a whole team behind me that makes it possible.”

On his personality
“I’m a creative storyteller, I give respect and I earn respect, I’m level-headed, I’m not temperamental. I like to work as a team”

On his Specialty
“Music that is relatable, authentic, and tells my story, not just a good time. I like to be funny and add punch lines.”

On his Goals
“I like gangster rap but want to do something different that will last – not here today gone tomorrow. I have to do it right. In the future, I want to write music for different artists. I want to write and sing – have several streams of Income. Music is also a business. Success is not just for me but support all of the people behind the music”

On who he looks up to
“From JayZ to the billionaires”

On his personal
“I stay in my own lane, don’t get involved in media, drama, or worrying about each other. I put my head down and record.”

On who might be on his playlist
“MO3, Lil Durk, Meek Mil”



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